Short Case Study

Aquasync required a base plate with a specific dimension to accommodate the inlet and outlet fittings, flanged for floor mounting as well as robustness for wall mounting. Further requirements included accessibility from the top and sides of the base to ensure ease of draining the pump when required and side hole to reach the drain plug.

Not only was all of the above achieved, the corrosion challenge was eliminated and a reduction in labour when the pumps are serviced.

APSolutions also manufactures traditional top hat base plates where centrifugal, horizontal positive displacement pumps, vertical multistage, horizontal multistage pumps are mounted on. In addition, the following products are also manufactured.


APSolutions main focus points are innovation, time and money saving for the customer and completion of pump projects within our scope of products

Polymer coupling guards

Top hat base plates for booster units

Weather guards

Polymer Borehole base plates