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Alternative Product Solutions (Trading as APSolutions) was established in 2016 by Werner Pieters. Since the beginning of his irrigation career in the early 1990’s and his exposure to the industrial fluid transfer market he realized that there is an opportunity for pump base plates that have advantages where standard steel base plates did not meet all the strength and corrosion resistant requirements.


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Base plates are used to mount pumps with electrical motors or various other electrical driven equipment like gearboxes and fans. Corrosion becomes a real issue when the units on the base plates are installed in an environment with high condensation, wet surfaces, installations close to the coast and pumping aggressive fluids, typically in the fertigation process.

  • The life-cycle cost of a polymer base plate is less than any steel base plate due to its superior resistance to corrosion and chemical attack.
  • Polymer base plate has almost no limitations in terms of shape where steel base plates have more constraints.
  • Polymer base plates weighs much less that steel base plates which makes handling easier and safer during installation.
  • Reduced transport costs as a result of reduced weight.

About Us


Werner Pieters established Alternative Product Solutions (Trading as APSolutions) in 2016 as a result of experiencing challenges with traditional base plates in the irrigation, industrial and liquid fertilizer applications. Armed with a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and 27 years’ experience in the pumping industry Werner started designing polymer base plates.

18 Months later the team manufactured the first working prototype from an engineering polymer and the original criteria that was set was adhered to.

Strong, vibration and corrosion resistant, resistant to chemical degrading and an effective time manufacturing period.

Since his early days as a young irrigation design engineer Werner realised there is an opportunity for base plates that can outlast traditional base plates as a result of corrosion, chemical damage and general wear and tear.

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